Together with “When Lambo?”, “When Moon?” are the most popular phrases used in the crypto universe.

These are the two main questions that define when a crypto investment will yield extremely lucrative profits. Combining these two elements, the objective of this exciting new game is to skyrocket your favorite tokens to the moon to win Lambos (Lamborghinis).

Through various moves such as dumping your boosters or upgrading your rocket to propel you as high as possible, players play with the aim of reaching the moon and winning Lambos.

Skyrocket your favorite tokens to the moon and get Lambos !

Propel your rocket with Bitcoin to explode the ATH of your friends.

Dump your Bitcoin boosters to propel your Altcoin as high as possible and reach the moon!

Load up your cryptonauts in Altcoin to fill your lambo’s garage and earn even more tokens!

Hodl tokens to the maximum to become a whale!

The “When Moon?” game can be found at or on AppStore and Android.

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